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Chemistry GCSE - Moles Calculations Revision Easter 2024

Chemistry GCSE - Moles Calculations Revision Easter 2024

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this Moles calculations masterclass, students will delve into the fundamental concept of moles, a crucial unit in understanding chemical reactions and quantitative relationships in chemistry.

The masterclass aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the following key aspects:

  1. Definition and Significance of Moles:
    • Clear explanation of what a mole is and its importance in quantifying chemical substances.
    • Understanding Avogadro's number and its role in relating moles to the number of particles.
  2. Molar Mass and Molecular Formulas:
    • Demonstrating how to calculate the molar mass of compounds.
    • Percentage by mass. 
  3. Empirical and Molecular formulae: 
    • Learn an easy way to work out the simplest whole number ratio. 
    • How to convert empirical to molecular formula. 
  4. Ratios and Balanced Equations:
    • Step-by-step guidance on converting between mass, moles and other quantities using chemical equations. 
  5. Concentration calculations:
    • Understanding the concept of molarity and its relationship to chemicals dissolved in solutions.
    • Calculations involving concentration, volume, and moles and their use in titrations.
  6. Molar gas volumes:
    • The concept of molar gas volumes and Avogadro's Law.
    • How to use the molar gas volume to calculate amount of substance in moles. 
  1. Limiting Reactants and Percentage Yield:
    • Insight into the concept of limiting reactants and its impact on reaction outcomes.
    • Calculating percent yield and understanding factors affecting reaction
  2. Atom Economy
    • Understand the difference between atom economy and percentage yield. 
    • Understand the importance of minimizing waste and maximizing the use of reactants through high atom economy.
  3. Problem-Solving Strategies and Exam Technique:
    • Techniques for tackling calculation based exam questions.
    • Practice exercises and interactive examples to reinforce understanding.

Benefits to the learner include~

Gain a solid foundation in moles, enabling them to approach chemical calculations with confidence and apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Enhance both conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills

When: Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd 2pm-4pm & Thursday 4th April, 9am - 11am (6hrs)

Where: Online via Zoom

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