Top 10 Benefits of Online Tutoring

Top 10 Benefits of Online Tutoring

The pandemic reshaped education, quickly putting online lessons into the spotlight. Even since the return of in person education, demand for online tutoring has skyrocketed, and as virtual lessons start to become the new norm, questions will naturally be asked about the effectiveness of online tutoring, and if it can match in person lessons.

Online tutoring comes with a host of benefits to students, tutors and parents. Here are our top 10:

1. Accessibility and Flexibility

One of the main benefits of online tutoring is that no matter where a student is located, they have access to the best education. For those in areas without access to high quality education, online tutoring provides a lifeline, making sure everyone has equal schooling opportunities.
The flexibility of online tutoring also gives students access to lessons around the clock, allowing them to be more flexible with their timings and opening up education opportunities from teachers all around the world. The ability to access education when needed and stop when not means that the students’ needs are always accommodated and time and resources aren’t wasted when their education is complete.

2. No Pressure from Other Students

Instead of needing to adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach in a classroom, online tutors can fine-tune their teaching methods to suit the unique needs and preferences of each student they work with. This level of customisation means that whether a student requires additional time to fully understand a challenging concept, or is hungry for more intellectually stimulating material, the online tutoring experience can be adjusted to accommodate their individual learning pace and style.

For those who need extra support, online tutors can patiently guide them through difficult topics, providing them with the encouragement and resources they need to succeed.

On the flip side, for students who crave intellectual stimulation and want to explore subjects in greater depth, online tutoring offers a platform for diving into more advanced material.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Whilst varying from student to student, the cost of online tutoring can often be cheaper than in person education. With no commuting expenses or extra costs such as textbooks, online tutoring can prove to be the cheaper option.

4. Subject Variety

Certain schools or areas may have a lack of subjects available, or simply not offer the subjects that a student is interested in or excels at. With online tutoring, a large range of teachers in any field can be found, not only making sure that a student is being taught the right subjects, but also that the subject is being taught by the right teacher.

5. Reduced Anxiety

Some students may find the busy atmosphere of classrooms challenging, bringing on feelings of anxiety and ultimately reducing the level of education they experience. Online tutoring sessions can take place in an environment they feel safe in, helping them feel comfortable whilst learning.

6. 1-1 Environment

Unlike traditional classroom settings where teachers need to divide their attention among numerous students, online tutoring guarantees an undivided focus on the student. In a classroom, sometimes due to the difficulties of teacher to pupil ratio children whose needs aren’t so obvious or demanding can sometimes go under the radar. With online or in person tutoring tutors have the time and space to identify a student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, enabling them to customise their curriculum and teaching methods accordingly.

This 1-1 setting can also create a sense of freedom for students to ask questions and express their thoughts without fear of judgment or comparison, creating a more open and collaborative learning atmosphere, where students feel comfortable engaging with the material and seeking clarification on concepts that may have previously seemed daunting. As a result, students are more likely to actively participate in the learning process, leading to deeper understanding and retention of knowledge.

7. Access to Resources

Online tutoring brings with it online resources. As opposed to clunky textbooks or materials that need to be printed, students have the advantage of the entirety of their resources being available online, meaning they can quickly and conveniently review content when needed.

Most online tutors will be able to record their sessions, meaning students can review lessons they may not have fully understood the first-time round. This convenience also helps to save time researching or asking questions, leading to a more efficient learning experience. If a particular text or journal is required for studying, an online version is often available and the tutor can share screens and edit as required to support the learning objective.

8. Improve Technological Skills

As each year goes by, the world becomes more reliant on technology. With online tutoring, students have the opportunity to enhance their technological skills, making use of the time spent on their device. This can greatly help them later down the line as the job market continues to change and adapt to a more technological world.

9. Improved Safety

With lessons taking place from the comfort of home or in a chosen safe environment, parents minds can be put at ease. When online tutoring is taking place, parents always know their child’s whereabouts and activities, and any concerns about commuting or unfamiliar areas can be put to rest, contributing to peace of mind for both the parents and the student.

10. Constantly Innovating

Lessons taking place virtually allows tutors to adapt to new trends and innovations instantly, making the most of any new programmes or techniques introduced in the future. This means that students will receive up to date, modern education as opposed to outdated the techniques that may be used in schools or in person.

Is online tutoring something you’ve been considering for your child? You can find out more by having a look at our dedicated online tutoring page. It details the various types of online tuition we offer, as well as why our network of tutors is among the best in the country. Alternatively, if you're ready to take the next step towards a better future for your child, book a consultation with Beyond Books today to discover the best way to support your their education.

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