Questions About Beyond Books

Who Are We?

Beyond Books was started up by Phoebe James in 2021 to make online tutoring more accessible for all school children. Having been teaching for nearly a decade and tutoring in the holidays, Phoebe decided she wanted to spend more time back teaching children rather than behind the scenes in management roles in schools. Phoebe's team are all handpicked by her so we bring you the very best educators

Are Our Tutors Teachers?

All Beyond Books tutors are fully qualified teachers that are currently working in schools. Phoebe knows each tutor personally, either through working with them in a school setting or coming to know them through her career in other ways.

Questions About Online Tutoring

Is Online Learning Really As Good As You Say?

Yes! Whilst having a face-to-face session with a teacher will arguably always be the best way to learn, we design and deliver our sessions to provide an experience that’s as close as possible to that. Using the latest educational methods and technologies, we make our online tutoring every bit as interactive and engaging as an in-person session. If you’d like to see proof of how good our online tutoring is, just check out our testimonials to see what our parents think!

What Platforms Do You Use to Deliver Your Online Sessions?

Our lessons are delivered as video calls via Zoom. We also use various pieces of educational software to enhance the sessions and allow the student to really
get involved. They’ll be able to ask questions as they go along and even annotate the screen live, just as if they were writing on the board at school!

How Will Work Be Sent to My Child?

Questions About the UK National Curriculum

Does My Child Have to Follow the National Curriculum?

If your child attends a state managed school then they will have to follow the national
curriculum, as it is a legal requirement for public schools to follow these guidelines. If your child attends a private school or academy, or if they are home educated, then there is no obligation for them to follow the National Curriculum, provided that they receive a broad education including English, Maths and Science. To find out more, view information about the National Curriculum, on the gov.uk website.