We specialise in teaching skills needed beyond the classroom

Communication, Resilience, Confidence, Problem solving and Perseverance to name a few.

Our founder Phoebe knows only too well how stretched our teachers are to deliver all the objectives in the curriculum. We can help.

We offer a variety of BESPOKE courses designed for YOUR pupils. We work around YOU and your timetable to utilise the time you have efficiently.

  • Life skills and Personal development course

    This course is delivered to any year group.

    During a preliminary meeting, you discuss the requirements of the class with us.

    Using this information, we create a bespoke programme catered to develop the individuals needs beyond the classroom.

  • Year 6 Transition to Secondary course

    We focus on life hacks, building new relationships, social media, organisation skills and more.

    We help alleviate any worries and help provide a toolkit for the pupil to use as and when.

    The course also includes the teaching of our core skills.

  • Life After School

    Designed specifically for those leaving school. Similar to the transition course, we help prepare teenagers for the world beyond their classroom.

    Whether heading into the world of work, off to university or travelling, all the skills taught will be invaluable to them no matter their choice in the future.