Don't just take our word for it, hear it from our parents.

"Thank you to Beyond Books, my girl thrived during all of the 11 plus process.

Phoebe was wonderful from day 1, she found great matching tutors for my daughters who were preparing exams at different levels.

She also provided us with general exam advice and revision tips, which was welcome as I was totally clueless at the start of the process! Thank you again for all your help."

December 2023

“Our daughter was extremely fortunate to have the wonderful support of Beyond Books for the past 2 years. Whilst Covid restrictions led to unprecedented levels of uncertainty, this was managed impeccably and any concerns from children (or parents) were addressed and resolved immediately. 

Phoebe's approach was outstanding.  Consequently, our daughters’ confidence has flourished, demonstrated in both her attitude and enjoyment of her school work but also how she handled her recent 11+ examinations. 

At all times Phoebe maintained open communication with the children and parents alike. Always welcoming parental input but separately commanding the very highest standards from the children.  An invaluable skill for any teacher in the competitive London schools.

We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to navigate the complexities of the past 18 months.”

Rosie’s mum

"Thank you so much for the fun filled workshop and the feedback. X and X have learned
a lot whilst they were stimulated with very engaging and stimulating activities.
After each session they had lots to talk about and still use the tips gained at
each session in their everyday life."

Workshop parent

“Phoebe is an absolute dream of a tutor, providing unrivalled tuition and profound mentoring in equal measure.  She is super energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and does it in a most creative, fun and interesting way, keeping my daughter engaged and motivated.  She understands strengths and weaknesses and works on developing children and building their confidence. Phoebe is extremely imaginative and encourages the children to think creatively and critically- and to push boundaries. My daughter absolutely loves and respects her and looks forward to their weekly lessons. She strives to impress Phoebe to show her how much she is learning and benefiting from her. Phoebe is friendly, flexible, kind, vivacious and a delight to have around. We are very fond of her and feel lucky to have found her! “

Laya’s mum

Beyond Books is fantastic. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality tutor.

My son, after only 2 months sessions his teacher he has become much more confident and is doing really well in his new school. His recent CAT test results are a true reflection of the progress he has made. She works with him on communication skills and he truly enjoys his lessons. Miss Phoebe is a highly qualified, caring, intuitive teacher, always finds the best possible ways to connect with her tutee. She is loved by the children as well as the parents. She keeps parents informed and engaged. We have virtual sessions which seem to work better. The setting is more relaxed and we don't have to waste any time on unnecessary travel. No more being stuck in traffic!

Overall, I am very happy with the services provided by Beyond Books.

Alex’s mum

“We have worked with Phoebe for the past 4 years. Not only did she support our daughter with entrance exams she has continued as a mentor supporting her through areas she lacks confidence right across the curriculum and life. She has a natural rapport with our daughter and a bond that gives her not only confidence but self-belief that she can achieve what she sets her mind to. In more recent months, we have seen that her lessons have stretched beyond the curriculum as she supports our daughter to navigate her teenage years. She trusts Phoebe, as do we, with the advice she gives our daughter and specific strategies to help with her communication skills. Phoebe always keeps us in the loop with sensitive conversations the two of them share. It is wonderful to know that our daughter has someone else to confide in as she tackles these tricky years; she is not just a tutor but a member of our family!”

Ari’s mum

“Miss Phoebe is one of those teachers you know has made an impact on your child’s life. She gave our daughter the confidence she needed to achieve and strive to be the best that she can be. 

She is passionate and dedicated, personable but professional. She will endeavour to bring out the very best in your child.” 

Phoebe’s mum

“Ms Phoebe has not only guided our daughter through the 11+ she has helped build her confidence all around. She has a wonderful rapport with our daughter as well as myself with regular feedback and guidance about her learning and next steps. Her lessons are always bespoke to what our daughter needs and created in a fun and engaging manner where we can see progress week on week. Working online with Phoebe has been a joy!”

Clivia’s mum

‘Phoebe is a phenomenal teacher, but much more than that she is a mentor. She sees the kids holistically and tailors her approach to address both their strengths and weaknesses. She is not afraid to use unconventional methods, and has the insight to consistently get the most from her students. My daughter has been lucky to have her as a teacher for two years, and I’m quite certain that she has made a lifelong impact on both her motivation and confidence.  And most importantly she is kind and fun- the kids look forward to seeing her.

Mille’s mum

‘"Phoebe is insightful, knowledgeable and investigative in her approach to teaching. Her passion for teaching transpires through her contagious enthusiasm and allows her to positively command the children's attention. Not only does she thoroughly evaluate and understand each child's learning gaps, motivations and psyche; she then easily adapts her methods to cater to each individual's needs."

"When we arrived from Canada, she helped our two very different daughters navigate the 11+ and integrate in to the British school system. She gave them actionable feedback and built immediate trust which translated into a drastic improvement in their grades and overall confidence. She was always available to alleviate our worries through the entire process, we recommend her without any hesitation." 

Mia and Clara’s parents

‘“Phoebe is a truly committed mentor to her students and strives for their personal success as if her own. 

We engaged Phoebe to support our daughter academically through the 11 plus process after moving from Australia. The catch-up task in Maths and English was vast and she brought our daughter to a remarkable standard in a very short period of time. 

Not only was Phoebe an excellent educator in these subjects, her mentoring abilities ensured our daughter the life skills of managing heavy workloads, public speaking, intellectual curiosity as well as shaping her overall social awareness.”

Allegra’s mum