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A Level Tuition In the UK Tailored to You

A Levels can be notoriously difficult to study. The step up from GCSE is much greater than many students anticipate and this is often a source of distress. We can aid that transition by supporting your child's studies.

Our tutors are handpicked by our founder, Phoebe, and all are used to providing teaching to the highest standards. We cover every subject and cater to all ability levels, so no matter what your child's needs, we can help.

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How it Works

Our process has 3 stages:

  • 1. The Consultation

    Firstly, Phoebe will meet with you and your child to understand your particular tuition needs. The more information you are able to share with us, the better we can cater for your child. This can be either in person depending on location or by phone/zoom.

  • 2. The Match

    Once we have a clear idea of what your needs are, Phoebe will handpick the perfect tutor for you. An introductory online meeting will take place between tutor, parent and child to help the two form a partnership.

  • 3. The Contract

    Once you’ve agreed the tutor is best suited to you, we will arrange an electronic contract to be sent out. These contracts run termly, you will be nudged before the end of each contract period to see if you would like to continue into the next.

Why Seek Additional A Level Tuition?

As A Levels are so much more challenging than GCSEs, additional study assistance through private tutoring is hugely beneficial to many students.

Our tutoring network comprises educational professionals of the highest standard and can cater to any student. What's more, we don't just cover the UK; thanks to our flexibility we can even offer assistance if you're abroad.

If you'd like to know more or have any questions, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and one of our team will call you straight back with an answer.

We offer tutoring for all A Levels, but these are our most popular:

Subjects We Tutor


Whether it's Literature or Language, English at A Level is a challenging subject that not only requires critical thinking, but a creative flair to succeed. Our tutors excel at bringing the best of both out of their students, helping them achieve beyond expectations.


Maths at A Level is considerably more technical than at GCSE. Complex formulae and detailed calculations can make it tough even for qualified adults. Give your child the best chance to succeed by seeking help from one of our Maths tutors. They'll assist with tips and tricks to make this often feared subject much more approachable.

The Sciences

The 3 sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, are always among the most popular subjects chosen for A Level. As key requirements for many university courses, achieving a good grade is vital. Let our team of highly qualified science tutors ensure your child gets a place at their dream university.

Much like at GCSE, the sciences at A Level cover a great deal of subject matter, with topics and learning requirements varying between examination boards.

This all means that teaching any of the sciences at A Level requires a bespoke approach. When we match your child with one of our tutors, we take this into account, ensuring the pairing is as rewarding as possible.


Foreign languages, whilst of great value to learn, often prove a roadblock for many children. Our team of language tutors are well equipped to ensure this doesn't become the case for your child. Comprised of fluent French speakers, we'll pick the best match and they'll do the rest.

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All Our Tutors Are...

  • Highly qualified
  • Actively teaching in schools
  • Hold advanced DBS certificates and the latest safeguarding qualifications
  • Can teach students of any ability level

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